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The quintessential webpage Star Book is a forum focusing on Indian celebrity lifestyle news, film promotions, broadcasting corporate films, and multimedia advertising featuring commentary on a mixed bag of luminaries.Star Book carries articles about other fascinating people whom you probably know with an inside scoop on their lives and by not limiting itself to one medium.

Star Book  is the only global, multiplatform brand for entertainment, pop culture and lifestyle. We deliver exclusive breaking news and in-depth celebrity coverage, red carpet live streams, TV scoop and spoilers, lifestyle trends and tips, and what’s viral now.


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You will get well-curate and interesting celebrity news time to time. Star Book has impressive television listings, gossips, and film reviews with a wide audience. We satisfy the interests of readers by reviewing the best and biggest celebrity tales. At home or at a long distance travel, Star Book entertains you by flushing away all the boredom and killing the time like never before!


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Besides entertainment, Star Book provides insights of some of the most successful icons all over the world. Whether you are into technology or fashion, you will get the latest update! You get to read on eclectic, irreverent collection of articles on politics, culture and arts among other aspects of an upscale lifestyle.


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The main audience for the Star Book Media is young, elite, and affluent adults. Famed for highlighting the best of the celebrity world, it appeals to people of various age groups. It also covers cultural-related news, which appeals to men and women alike. People with an interest in the world of entertainment also find it exciting.

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