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Abhijith Amal Raj [ Skater ]

Abhijith Amal Raj is an international champion roller and ice skater born in Pathanamthitta in Kerala. Started training at the age of three, Abhijith did his schooling in Netaji High School, Pathanamthitta. He has bagged many medals right from his young age and some of them are: Two International Medals in Roller Skating, 1) Silver Medal in World Roller Skating Championship Held in Novara,Italy in August 2016 2) Silver Medal in World Roller Games held in Nanjing, China in September 2017 3) Participated in World Roller Skating Championship in Cali, Colombia in 2015 Six international Medals in Ice Skating. a) ISU world development trophy silver medal Malaysia 2015 b) Asian open gold medal ,Taiwan 2014 c) Dubai Golden cup ,Gold medal 2014 d) Malaysian open Gold medal 2014 e) Malaysian open Silver medal 2015 f) Malaysian open Gold medal 2016 He has won 140 Medals in Roller Skating and Ice skating, international, national and state level. He is the youngest skater to represent India in a World Championship and also won the award of best Junior skater in India 2016 (VimalakantJagmohansheth Memorial Award of Excellence for artistic skating 2016 in National meet 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat). Also, participated in World Roller Skating Championship held in Cali,Colombia, South America in 2015, when he is 14 years old and bagged 8th position in the world. He had won 12 Medals in National Roller Skating Championship (5 Gold, 4Silver, 3 Bronze), 10 Medals in National Ice Skating Championship, (5Gold, 5Silver), 48 Medals in state level Roller Skating Championship,(29 Gold,14 silver, 5 Bronze), 6 Medals in state level Ice Skating Championship (6 Gold), 64Medals in district level Roller Skating Championship, (48Gold ,12Silver, 3 Bronze), One gold and one silver medal in 55th national meet Chennai, 2018. Currently in his plus one commerce, Abhijith is striving hard to represent our country in Olympics.

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  • "Proud to be your best friend"
    The wonderful person I have ever seen in my life... And the best of all. He is so damm talented and is really the best in skating... And I am sure he will make our country more proud....
  • "What an achievement!"
    We are very lucky and delighted to have such an accomplished young skater in our sport, who also is a role model to all young kids in India.
  • "You made us proud to be an Indian "
    It is great to remember that me too lived in your era as I was watching you and your progres from Pathanamthitta to Kerala to Indian to Asian to FarEast Asian and to the world platform. May God bless you to reach the level you and your Guru and or parents wish.


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Abhijith Amal Raj [ Skater ]

Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India

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