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Swagata Chakraborthy [ Model & Actress ]

Swagata Chakraborthy is an Indian fashion model and actress. Born on 28th November in Calcutta, Swagata’s journey to modeling hasn’t been an easy one. However, that never slowed her desire and passion to become the super model she envisioned. Swagata started modeling at 2017. Though her passion is to see herself as a model and as an actress, she’s managed to complete a bachelor’s degree in B.E. Born to a working class family, Swagata left home at the age of 21 to pursue a modeling career. Also her parents played an important role in encouraging her burgeoning talent. She has done a variety of modeling work, from a detail-oriented shoot with Andaman Beauty Pageant, Srijan Real Estate to more conventional commercial and editorial shoots. Her attempts to parley her supermodel status into an acting career have met with modest results. She has had a string of bit parts in television programs and films, the most prominent of which was a small part in “Happy Lucky” (2018). She has also been involved with a music video. When asked about her career vision this beautiful lady said, “I am girl who, wish to spread across with no limits. As far as modeling goes in India, I will strive hard to make a name for myself and people ought to celebrate my achievements from time to time and help put India on the map – in terms of modeling or beauty pageant and as an actress.”


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Swagata Chakraborthy [ Model & Actress ]

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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